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IBEX brings together the latest technological advances in power sections, quality control, and mud motors to provide innovative motor technology for your application.

Power Sections

  • Our fleet of power sections are the latest high performance models on the market in the most popular sizes for United Stated Shale Drilling.

Advancing Bearing Section Technology

  • IBEX uses technologically advanced mud lubricated bearing sections designed to withstand the most extreme drilling conditions and utilize the latest power section technology

Customer Service

  • Our team provides effective customer service to clients by using in-depth knowledge of down-hole drilling motor technology and communicating effectively with customer's need and requests

Quality Assurance

  • Our quality products and service provide and unparalleled experience that builds a reputation for trust and innovation. 

  • We utilize refined techniques, documented procedures, and data from previous wells drilled to deploy quality solutions to our clients.  We are a continuously improving organization that provides industry-leading data sheets for pre-run and post-run documents.

  • All inspection instruments and gauges are calibrated and certified to be traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards.

  • All machining vendors are required to include data sheets with inspected dimensions of work for each part

  • IBEX Drilling Solutions prides itself on exceptional quality control standards. 

About Us

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